Peter Wratten Automatic Driving Instructor

Peter Wratten is an experienced driving instructor who specializes in teaching automatic driving lessons. He is particularly known for his expertise in teaching students how to drive electric vehicles, and he conducts his lessons in a Renault Zoe EV.

When students sign up for lessons with Peter, they can expect a thorough and comprehensive learning experience. Peter is patient and understanding, and he tailors his teaching approach to meet the needs of each individual student. He takes the time to explain the different features of the Renault Zoe, including its electric motor and regenerative braking system, as well as how to operate the vehicle’s various controls.

During lessons, Peter emphasizes the importance of safety and encourages his students to develop good driving habits. He provides clear and constructive feedback, helping students to identify areas where they can improve and build their confidence behind the wheel.

As an EV driving instructor, Peter is also passionate about promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions. He encourages his students to consider the environmental benefits of electric vehicles and how they can contribute to a cleaner future.

Overall, Peter Wratten is a highly skilled and experienced driving instructor who is dedicated to helping his students become safe and responsible drivers, particularly in the context of electric vehicles.

Call Peter Directly 07983 231963