Adam Stubbs Automatic Driving Instructor

Looking for a driving instructor in the Crewe and Nantwich area who can help you learn to drive in a sustainable manner? Meet Adam Stubbs, an automatic driving instructor who teaches in the stylish and eco-conscious MG4 electric vehicle.

Not only is the MG4 a stylish and comfortable car, but it is also an electric vehicle with all the benefits of zero emissions. By choosing to take your driving lessons with Adam Stubbs in the MG4, you’ll not only be learning to drive, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment.

Adam Stubbs is an instructor who can cater to both nervous beginners and experienced drivers seeking to enhance their skills. He excels in developing personalized lesson plans that align with individual needs and objectives. With his calm and instructive approach, you can be assured of swiftly acquiring the expertise to drive safely and proficiently.

For a qualified driving instructor who is also environmentally conscious in Crewe, consider choosing Adam. He operates in both Crewe and Nantwich and utilizes an electric vehicle for lessons. Get in touch with him today to book your initial lesson and take the first step toward becoming a confident and eco-friendly driver.

Automatic Driving Lesons in Crewe

Progress (How else do you know how well you are doing)

It is crucial for both the instructor and the student to record progress during driving lessons. This practice offers a comprehensive overview of the student’s development, facilitates the identification of areas needing improvement, and ensures alignment between both parties. Additionally, tracking progress can serve as a source of motivation for students, showcasing their advancement and aiding in the establishment of attainable goals for the future.

The integration of technology has simplified the process of monitoring progress in driving lessons. For instance, apps such as the one utilized by Andy facilitate seamless communication between instructors and students, enabling the sharing of notes, managing payments, and scheduling future lessons. Moreover, the app provides a platform for instructors to provide feedback on the student’s progress, pinpointing areas requiring attention while also celebrating achievements.

Monitoring progress is also beneficial for the instructor in strategizing future lessons. By examining previous records, the instructor can customize the lesson to address the individual needs of the student, thus ensuring their continuous advancement. This method not only conserves time but also enables the student to learn at their own speed, resulting in a more pleasurable learning experience.

In summary, keeping track of progress in driving lessons is essential for both the instructor and the student. It facilitates the tracking of progress, pinpointing areas for enhancement, and establishing realistic objectives. Thanks to technological advancements, monitoring progress and interacting with the instructor has become more convenient than ever before.

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